Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First Angulo Session

Got out at dawn and surfed knee high slow pokes. Hey, had to surf the new board!

The board's stability was a shock. Way more stable than I expected. I was up-sizing from the Jimmy Lewis 10' x 28 to the Angulo 10'4 x 29. I expected a little more stability, and was hoping I was right. Well the board exceeded my expectations by a mile. I think a lot of people could ride this as their first board. Conditions were glassy today, but I've been doing this long enough to know for sure it will be just right, even when the northeasters are cranking.

I pulled out a straight edge and went to work to unravel the mystery of why this board is so much more stable than the JL.

This photo shows the Angulo bottom at the paddle stance position. Dead flat across with double concave.

This shows the JL at the paddling stance position. Huge amount of vee. Explains a lot.

Angulo vee in front of the fins.

Jimmy Lewis vee in front of the fins.

Angulo tail rocker.

Jimmy Lewis tail rocker. Less than Angulo.

Angulo flat near the paddle position. A speed spot as Joe Blair likes to call it.

Jimmy with a little more rocker through the middle.

Looking at the photos, the difference in how the boards ride, pretty much matches how they look. The Jimmy is more loose, but very unstable by comparison. They both catch waves easy. The Angulo handles longer paddle strokes better, so getting up to speed can be easier. The Angulo feels a little slower on the wave face, but that judgement may be premature since surf was so bad today.

One cool thing about the Angulo for me was I could finally spin the board on its tail, tight and quick and catch waves. With the JL I would fall half the time.


CB1 said...

Excellent review! The comparison pictures really show a drastic difference in bottom shape of the 2 boards. Can't wait to hear your thoughts after a few more test runs.

Anymore thoughts on the stability? Maybe compared to the JL 11?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The stability is amazing. I think it's more stable than your 11'6 Naish, by a lot.

You may recall, I always wobble a bit when I swap boards and jump on something big after surfing the JL 10. There is something weird about the way my body needs a minute to adapt to whatever I'm surfing. I think different boards each have their own character regarding side to side stabilty and my body needs to dial into the feel with each one.

The Angulo required no adjustment time. It felt like an old shoe immediately.

CB1 said...

Wow, that is interesting regarding the stability!

When you said it may not be as loose as the JL, maybe that is because the vee through-out the JL may be giving you a little quicker rail-to-rail (plus the 1" less width)?