Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Board Adventures

The wife and I started this sport in May of 07. My first board was the 12'1 Surftech Laird. The wife a Jimmy Lewis 11 footer. Soon (4 weeks later) I moved to the JL 11'. Next the wife went to the JL 10'.

It didn't take long before I was dreaming about being able to ride the wife's JL 10 one day. That board was a surfing machine. Once I got my sea legs on it, I couldn't stand to ride my JL 11 anymore. Sold the 11 and got myself a 10.

I thought about going for something a little less radical size wise, but couldn't get my hands on anything but a Jimmy. C4 told the local shop they didn't have any boards and wouldn't for awhile. Seems the west coast got priority on the early batches. They said something like there was less interest on the east coast. :-(

I've been having a blast on the JL 10. Except when its rough. If I lived in California or Hawaii, the 10 footer would be cake. Seems like those bloggers are always posting photos of glassy dreamy sessions. Nothing like the wind blow hell we surf in half the time.

See Friday's post for the problems I'm still fighting trying to find a board on the east coast. I've decided I really need to up size a little to make the wind chop surf days a little more fun.

Next up, a surfing vacation in Florida during Thanksgiving. I'll check out some shops while down there. I wonder if board supply is any better down there.

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