Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Angulo Construction?

Anyone know if the Angulo is double sandwich construction?

The 10'4 is heavier than my JL 10. Angulo is known for being tougher than some others, so could this extra weight be the result of double sandwich construction? Granted a 10'4 is bigger, so some weight difference has to be expected.

Double sandwich is used in windsurfers when the manufacturer wants increased durability.


srfnff said...

Hey NC,
What a great job you've done here in your analysis and comparison of the JL and the Angulo. Here's some observations from my point of view after surfing/paddling the Angulo Ohole (10'4") for the last two months.

The Ohole came to me from the distributor with a 9" center fin, and two FCS GL (the smallest they make) side fins. Since I surf/paddle in very kelpy waters, I soon grew tired of bumping my way through the kelp stalks, and I replaced the 9" with a 5" fin. the difference was substantially positive.

To be a better surfing SUP the Ohole needs more rocker. At 150 pounds I have an impossible time laying the board on rail...perhaps a heavier surfer could do this, but I haven't found anyone yet who has. But the Ohole's saving grace is that it is fast and maneuverable without rail-to-rail ability. It pivots on a dime, especially with the aid of a paddle to leverage the turn. A smaller center fin allows for this greater "looseness."

What are you going to use your SUP to do? Surf? Distance paddle? Day trip? Exercise? If you are going to surf, get the Ohole. If you want a good day tripper that surfs well, get the Nui. Need to split the difference...then the 10'8" Angulo Beachboy is a good choice. Any of these boards will do you well. That is the good news. The bad news? As in surfboards, you need a quiver. Start saving now.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Hey, thanks for the tips. I'm off to Florida Saturday for a week. I'll play with fins down there, in the nice warm water :-)

After riding the JL 10, the Ohole feels like a big boys board. I can't imagine many people needing his larger sizes. Ed needs to release smaller sizes ASAP.

linter said...

hey -- i just stumbled across your blog and i've gotta say, it's terrific. you've done a great job articulating your likes and dislikes about your boards and paddles. nice!
a few questions, if i might ...
-- how did you luck in to your Angulo? i live in RI and the only boards the shops sell around here are the Laird, the Infinity and the Jimmys.
-- could you at some point maybe blog more explicitly about how to put a dove-tail on a wooden paddle? i've got a sawyer that could maybe use the mod.
keep up the good work!

NC Paddle Surfer said...


e-mail me privately and I'll let you know who has the Angulos.

fishersfortblog at

Cutting the dovetail was easy. I took a saber saw and just cut it. Then with some sandpaper smoothed the edge. Fast and easy. Then I sealed the edge using sun cure surfboard resin. The carbon fiber on the Sawyer might make it harder to do.

srfnff said...

Rumor has it that Ed is coming out with a 10' Angulo...more rocker and better surfability.