Tuesday, October 19, 2010

They're Here...........just not here

The Aussie's beat us. They got ALL the new goodies from Naish today.
9'0 bat tail Hokua on the rack in Australia

Forget the one he's holding, check out the 7'8 Hokua on the floor with bottom channels showing at the tail

The wings of the 9'0 bat tail Hokua 


ralph said...


csx355 said...

What's the pintail in the rack behind the Mana??

I keep thinking Mana or Hokua - deep down I know the Mana is the one. There was a guy on Seabreeze who reckons that it should belong to something other than the Mana family.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

That pin looks like one of the old big wave gun models. That seabreezer got it wrong. It's all Mana. Very much like the 9'5 performs when your weight matches each size. For us guys too big for the 9'0s intended main market (girls), it's a hot ripping stick! It certainly makes me worry the 9 hokua won't beat it.