Saturday, October 23, 2010

The First 9'0 Naish Hokua Reviews are in

I'm stoked the reviews show it works for big guys!

From Waz in Australia:

I am 92kgs (202 lbs) and was riding the new 9'0 Hokua and swapped down to the new 8'5.

After doubting whether or not I could stand on it, I was surprised that it wasn't as bad as I thought.

A few wobbles later, I caught a nice one and it surfed like a shortboard with a paddle in your hand.

This board is very fast and loose!!

Highly recommend it

I am not normally a big Naish fan, but these 2 boards are defiantly on the money for performance and finish, so much so I bought the 9'0 Hakua!

Both well worth a demo.

From Swanie in Australia:

I am 6' and 95kg (209 lbs)

Surfed it this morning in fairly clean waist high surf. Slight northerly wind.
Loved it!

Don't let anyone say it won't float you. It floated me fine and paddled well. In the first 15 minutes there were a few mermaids trying to ravage me but after finding the sweet spot on the board any wobbles were gone and it was great.

It is fast! It made sections easily. Basically for a guy my size this is a 6' blown out short board. It turns on a dime. Makes late take offs with ease.

Totally suggest you demo this if you are considering steping down from a larger board or if you are after a more performance type board. The concave deck seems to help with stablity.

From Piros in Australia:

I'm still wet from riding it as I type this , just came in. Wazza my mate (another school teacher) just picked one up he's 92 kg I'm 90 it floats low in the water with us on it BUT that's not a bad thing because it helps with stabilty but you have to work on it as it was pretty choppy this arvo , the concave deck is great really helps with balance. I loved the plane shape it looks the goods.

Surf wise it was great easy to find the sweet spot , plenty of speed. We rode it as a 2+1 I think a quad set up will make flow more through the turns (my opinion)

From shimmyshazbo in Australia:

surfed the 9'0 with the quad setup this morn in 2 ft clean waves with a bit of current and a few cross waves thrown in. been riding the naish 8'10 and im 82kgs (180lbs).
i too loved this board, caught waves so easily, heaps of speed, so much so that i could snap this board around more than the 8'10. really stable and loved the concave deck. this board is worlds apart from the 8'10, i feel i can relax more when paddling through the shore break and i didnt fall off at all while turning to catch waves.
picking one up today! yeeeeew!

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