Saturday, October 9, 2010

Magic Morning

Super fun surf this morning. Light offshore wind and nice swell. The Three Musketeers (DW, CB1, Z) had a blast swapping boards all morning. For once, we all agree on the magic model in each line (Naish and PSH). For PSH, it's the 8'6 WR bamboo and for Naish, it's the 9'0 Mana. You can't wipe the smile off your face when surfing either of those. They just stand out. The Musketeers all weigh about the same, so that could be why we all agree.
CB1 on Jacky's 9'0 Mana

Rob showing us how Laird rips

Rob was killing it this morning

Z on his 8'6 PSH WR bamboo

Rob on his Laird

Z on his ripper

CB1 on his 9'2 WR bamboo


CB1 said...

That was fun! Those 2 boards would be an awesome combination! I was surprised that the PSH 8'6 WR was just as stable as my 9'2.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The stability surprised me too. But we have to keep in mind it was glassy out there. In windy chop, I think it would be a different story on stability.