Sunday, October 17, 2010

2011 PSH Ripper Sneak Peak???

Being a backyard hack board shaper, I love studying photos and video to see what's up and how certain shapes behave. Blane is up to something this Fall and here is what "I think" is going on.

Blane shaped some downwind race boards this summer. Then he tried surfing them and discovered the displacement bow (boat bow versus surfboard bow) does some magical things. For one, it doesn't catch and dump your ass should it go under for a split second.

Fast forward to today and he's shaping Ripper models now called the Hull Ripper. Notice the race board inspired boat bow? It appears he's taken advantage of the displacements bows ability to run dangerously low and not catch. The nose rocker has been lowered. He's claiming the boards are FAST. It all makes sense to me. I'm not sure I have the surfer skills to manage such a low nose rocker in beach break surf. But I'm sure people more skilled than me will tear it up on these.

Surf Machine, when you getting one?

The new secret Hull Ripper from PSH

The Hull Ripper

Austin on the 9'3 Hull Ripper

The bow design inspiration?
The DW Racer that inspired the Hull Ripper

Austin surfing the DW Racer and discovering the boat bow works in surf

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