Sunday, October 3, 2010

Playing in Poo

The weather did not cooperate today. 45 degree off shore wind and light. Sketchy kitesurfing and just enough wind to make SUP a challenge too.

We're still feeling the affects of the heavy rain all last week. Poo runoff into the ocean everywhere. Water considered unsafe for swimming. Yesterdays high winds cleaned up the poo. Today's wind allowed the poo to return
Dwight trying not to drop the kite

Get me home, where did the wind go?

Lets try that 9'0 Mana

Wave of the Day (my only wave)

Enough poo for one day!


Boardrider58 said...

That water does look a little suspect

CB1 said...

It is amazing the differences in the way the water looked on Saturday vs today! NCBA's pic's of Mase (from today) looked better than what we had.

Enjoyed shredding a wave with you on Saturday! Lots of fun out there! I wish the wind was a little stronger so it would have kicked it up another notch!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The water is clear again already. I think we caught the toilet flush (outgoing tide from the river). The toilet was extra dirty and we got flushed.