Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jacky's New Ride

A turbo diesel wagon with roof racks for SUP transport. Current diesel price $2.17/gal

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Who: All standup paddleboarders are welcome to join, it's free.
What: Coastal Urge is organizing a year-round SUP Race Club to train for all our up-coming races and build a local SUP racing community. Just show up after work on Wednesdays and the Coastal Urge staff will clock your time around the 3.5mile Harbor Island SUP race route. Hang around after wards for a cold drink at the Fish House with food and drink specials for all SUP Race Club members. Stay in shape this summer, make new friends, and train for our upcoming race the first annual Southeast SUP Championship in September.
Where: Meeting every-other Wednesday at the Fish House, get on the water between 5pm-6pm to have your time clocked.
When: Starts next Wednesday June 3rd at 5pm. Following dates; June 17th, July 1st, July, 15th, July 29th, August 12, August, 26th....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More SUP CUP photos

These photos courtesy of Coastal Urge. Jacky and I at the finish line.

Newspaper article here

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sub Vector Fins

I did a lot of fin testing this weekend on my sub vector.

For front fins I tested

Vector II 450
Vector II 460
Vector II 550

For rear fins I tested


The results are:

Vector II 550s created way too much drag. Board was slower and I could feel it dragging.

Vector II 450 and 460 too close to call.

375s in the rear for tiny waves. Makes the board pivot/snap/slide and spin the best, but looses drive.

400s best all around blend of drive and looseness.

437s best for head high high waves and big driving bottom turns.

I'm going to keep 460s in the front and swap between 400 and 437 in the rear depending on wave size and power. It takes some effort to get 437 rears. You have to buy replacement rears from a thruster setup.

If you're wondering about 2+1, forget about it. I tested 2+1 versus quads in identical 9'0 C4 bat tails. 2+1 was too draggy. So much so, you could feel it just paddling. Long live quads! Want more drive, use a larger rear fin and stay quad all the way baby!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Race Results

Intracoastal SUP CUP 2009
Men’s 12’6 and under
1 Mike Owens 44:20
2 Chris Hill 44:36
3 Jason Colclough 46:14
4 David Lisle 46:29
5 John Beausang 46:50
6 Tim Smith 46:54
7 Sean Hardesty 47:21
8 Stan Clinard 47:58
9 Ian Balding 49:36
10 Mark Anders 50:00
11 Matt Catino 50:05
12 Brad Howard 50:30
13 Jeremy Owens 52:07
14 James Bain 52:17
15 Todd Bostian 52:21
16 Clark Shay 52:34
17 David Wilson 52:44
18 Bryan Batten 53:04
19 Galen Westman 53:17
20 Kevin Vangritis 55:03
21 Mac Barnhart 55:25
22 Rob Cornwell 56:20
23 William Pope 56:25
24 Mark Pace 56:52
25 Mike Abernathy 57:17
26 Chris Oneal 59:45
27 Mike Travis 60:00
28 Zo Tipton 60.17
29 Chip Howell 60:40
Women’s 12’6 and under
1 Tara Miller 55:49
2 Lori Herring 62:12
3 Kimberly James 64:29
14’ and over
1 Brannon Smith 54:44
2 Dwight Fisher 55:11
3 Jackie Fisher 56:17

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

6'6 SUP

This is real high performance surfing. This guy stokes the fire for going way shorter.

Ku Hoe Waterman Video from Soul Surf Media on Vimeo.

Downwinding Clinic

Awesome video showcasing the downwind clinics put on by Wet Feet Hawaii. If you're ever in Oahu, you must visit this shop. We attended the 1st of the 4 clinics they ran. Watch closely and you can learn how to catch swell.

Jeffrey, we need downwind races too! Not just Harbor Island loops.

Click FULL SCREEN and HI-DEF buttons

SUPAH Downwind Clinic, Hawaii Kai to Kahala - Feb 2009 from Soul Surf Media on Vimeo.

Kitesurfing News

Sky Solbach spent the weekend at our house, so I thought I'd give you some kitesurfing news.

Kite raceboards will all change to ride like windsurf boards, flat, edging on the fin. Not tilting the board and edging like we do now. At the US Nationals, Sean Farley had a new board designed to ride like a windsurfer, flat, or slightly edged over to toe side, like a windsurfer points. This new concept in board design destroyed the competition, winning something like 18 races. It also beat the windsurfers to the upwind mark, comparing times run on the same course. It beat the windsurfers downwind too, for total domination around the course.

As for kites, look for the 2010 Rebel to arrive a little early this year. The kites were finished slightly early in Australia.

SUP Life in Hawaii

This is the best GoPro Video I've seen

Disaster from Beau Toichi on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coastal Urge SUP CUP Race Results

Race Results 12'6 Class

1st) Mike Owens using a hollow board he built himself. He was also the winner of the Fall race. Prize was a 10' Laird Surftech.

2nd) Chris Hill on a Munoz. Chris is the man behind the June 6th 12 mile Onslow Bay ocean race. His prize was a Kialoa paddle.

3rd) Jason, owner of Side Arm Surf Shop, also on a Munoz

Race Results 14' & up Class

1st) Brannon Smith on my home built 14 footer. The board I was going to race if it didn't sell before the event. Brannon bought it last Wednesday. Brannon won a Quickblade paddle.

2nd) Me. I won Kaenon sunglasses. Really nice ones too! I got passed on the final leg and lost by 100 feet to Brannon. I turn 55 in August, that's my excuse.

3rd) Jacky. She won a Patagonia bag

In the 12'6 class, prizes were given down to 23rd or 24th place. There was $5000 in prizes given away.

Total number of racers was maybe 50? Double the Fall race.

Coastal Urge has done a wonderful job of promoting the sport and running these races. For the $25 entry fee, you're missing out big time if you don't join us next time.

Blue Water Grill, the starting spot for the race at 7:30 AM. Nobody here yet!

Not much video today. Sorry.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Race Reminder

Skippers meeting is 8:15 Saturday morning at Blue Water Cafe.

This restaurant is on the other side of the waterway from where we started the last race.

See you there.

Wind is forecast to be SSE at 10 mph. Yuk!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Killer Morning

Holy Cow! Someone caught me on camera. Sub Vector

Brian Autry, Sub Vector

Brad Jones, 9'0 C4

Brad nose walking the 9'0 C4

Z on the Sub Vector


Brad, Brian, and z

34,000 hits in the past year. Thanks for stopping by. I never dreamed this would get so big.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

6 Mile Downwinder

The downwinder goes like this. We race about one mile, I sit and wait for Jacky to catch up, then repeat, until we finish. This is why the video keeps showing me passing Jacky.

Jacky is loving it. She's planing and going fast, unfortunately I keep getting faster too. In a few more weeks her skill will improve and I'll stop getting faster. Then we'll be able to catch runners together.

In non planing conditions she beats me. I'll be slow at next weekends flat water race. I need wind and swell to be fast.

Jacky said she saw either an alligator, or the Loch Ness monster during her run.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Downwinding Rules!

In this video, my camera is mounted under the cargo net, pointed to my left side. Watch how I catch Jacky and pass her. Jacky's board is technically capable of more speed than mine, but she's only done 4 downwinders, while I've probably done 15.

Downwinding requires anyone who does it, to learn the technique of catching swells and staying on a plane. Knowing how to surf is of no help. It is nothing like catching a wave in the surf. Anyone treating it like surfing, will loose the race.

Listen to the sound of my board planing.

We did 8 miles today. Two runs of 4 miles. It was cake. I could do 12 miles no problem if the wind blows! Jacky is dead tired and taking Advil. I'm fresh and ready for more. For those that don't know Jacky, she normally has more endurance than me and most of the guys on the water. The difference is nothing more than practice doing downwinders in the ocean. For rookies showing up and trying to run 12 miles in the ocean on June 6th, you'll be spent long before the finish.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Insane Downwinder Today

Jacky's Board

Jacky and I just finished doing a 4 mile downwinder in 30 mph wind. It was our best downwinder ever! I caught one runner that allowed me to surf from the tail pad, on a large swell, going like a rocket. Another memorable runner came with no visible swell under me, yet I was planing and kept my board on a plane for what seemed like a full minute. It was classic Todd Bradley spinning the ball technique.

The more downwinders we do, the more our skills improve. Downwinders are all about skill. Without skill, you don't catch many runners and your rides are short. I can now understand how pros are on near continuous planing runs in this amount of wind.

We both think the 12 mile race on June 6th is too long a distance. 4 miles of racing is comfortable. 8 miles will kill most of us. 12 miles is not a race, it's a survival game. I want to have enough energy to catch runners and not be forced to limp along the last 4 miles, half dead. We may not enter the race.