Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kitesurfing News

Sky Solbach spent the weekend at our house, so I thought I'd give you some kitesurfing news.

Kite raceboards will all change to ride like windsurf boards, flat, edging on the fin. Not tilting the board and edging like we do now. At the US Nationals, Sean Farley had a new board designed to ride like a windsurfer, flat, or slightly edged over to toe side, like a windsurfer points. This new concept in board design destroyed the competition, winning something like 18 races. It also beat the windsurfers to the upwind mark, comparing times run on the same course. It beat the windsurfers downwind too, for total domination around the course.

As for kites, look for the 2010 Rebel to arrive a little early this year. The kites were finished slightly early in Australia.

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