Saturday, May 9, 2009

6 Mile Downwinder

The downwinder goes like this. We race about one mile, I sit and wait for Jacky to catch up, then repeat, until we finish. This is why the video keeps showing me passing Jacky.

Jacky is loving it. She's planing and going fast, unfortunately I keep getting faster too. In a few more weeks her skill will improve and I'll stop getting faster. Then we'll be able to catch runners together.

In non planing conditions she beats me. I'll be slow at next weekends flat water race. I need wind and swell to be fast.

Jacky said she saw either an alligator, or the Loch Ness monster during her run.

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CB1 said...

Where did she see this creature? When Z and I were doing the drift downwind surfing adventure, I saw something strange out a ways (I think by the church break). I thought it was dolphins initially, but it was acting a little too weird.