Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coastal Urge SUP CUP Race Results

Race Results 12'6 Class

1st) Mike Owens using a hollow board he built himself. He was also the winner of the Fall race. Prize was a 10' Laird Surftech.

2nd) Chris Hill on a Munoz. Chris is the man behind the June 6th 12 mile Onslow Bay ocean race. His prize was a Kialoa paddle.

3rd) Jason, owner of Side Arm Surf Shop, also on a Munoz

Race Results 14' & up Class

1st) Brannon Smith on my home built 14 footer. The board I was going to race if it didn't sell before the event. Brannon bought it last Wednesday. Brannon won a Quickblade paddle.

2nd) Me. I won Kaenon sunglasses. Really nice ones too! I got passed on the final leg and lost by 100 feet to Brannon. I turn 55 in August, that's my excuse.

3rd) Jacky. She won a Patagonia bag

In the 12'6 class, prizes were given down to 23rd or 24th place. There was $5000 in prizes given away.

Total number of racers was maybe 50? Double the Fall race.

Coastal Urge has done a wonderful job of promoting the sport and running these races. For the $25 entry fee, you're missing out big time if you don't join us next time.

Blue Water Grill, the starting spot for the race at 7:30 AM. Nobody here yet!

Not much video today. Sorry.

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