Sunday, May 3, 2009

Downwinding Rules!

In this video, my camera is mounted under the cargo net, pointed to my left side. Watch how I catch Jacky and pass her. Jacky's board is technically capable of more speed than mine, but she's only done 4 downwinders, while I've probably done 15.

Downwinding requires anyone who does it, to learn the technique of catching swells and staying on a plane. Knowing how to surf is of no help. It is nothing like catching a wave in the surf. Anyone treating it like surfing, will loose the race.

Listen to the sound of my board planing.

We did 8 miles today. Two runs of 4 miles. It was cake. I could do 12 miles no problem if the wind blows! Jacky is dead tired and taking Advil. I'm fresh and ready for more. For those that don't know Jacky, she normally has more endurance than me and most of the guys on the water. The difference is nothing more than practice doing downwinders in the ocean. For rookies showing up and trying to run 12 miles in the ocean on June 6th, you'll be spent long before the finish.


WP said...

DW sorry I missed you and Jackie for the downhill run! I hope you will ask again I went over but both you guys were at the pipe and I knew I would never catch up so I went back and had a Miller Lite! Sorry a realy cold ML!

CB1 said...

Nice video! Didn't seem to be as much wind as yesterday, even though we were on 5.3's at Ft. Fisher. More up & down.

What is the Todd Bradley "spinning the ball" technique you keep referencing? You know I'm downwind challenged! :)

NC Paddle Surfer said...

WP, conditions for downwinding should be good for the next few days. We'll be doing some runs after work. I need your cell number. Then I'll send a text message when we're going.

Spinning the ball refers to spinning a basketball on your finger tip. You spin it hard, then it only takes light taps to keep it going. Downwinding is the same. Once on a plane, you keep it going with lighter strokes of the paddle in a continuous cadence.

Bob said...

Thats more like it..:). Sounds like you're ready to race!

What's the biggest swells you've had it on so far...the one where you were on the tail?

Skill and reading the water is what its all about.... from watching Jeremy I could see were folks that know what they are doing could go all day. He makes it look effortless. He would sometimes gain enough speed cutting across the face of a swell that a few flicks of the paddle and he would ride over the crest of the next and do it again.

Take a look at the animotos of the Darrell Wong heli shots on my blog. You can see that Scott, Leleo and Mark are only applying the paddle where needed. Talk about saving strength for when you need it. Of course all these guys are top takes a lot of time on the water.

Evan said...

Is it just me or are your swells mostly going in one direction? On our Hawaii Kai run we get hit from a couple different directions of swell so newbies really have to get used to that first. When we get conditions where the current, wind and swell all run in the same downwind/sideshore direction, it's just as satisfying as the best surf session.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Our swell is one direction. Usually at my back, or slightly to my right.

Wave height is 3-4 ft.

WP said...

I am in all week so let me know. 367-3144

life coach said...

Photos are good.