Saturday, May 2, 2009

Insane Downwinder Today

Jacky's Board

Jacky and I just finished doing a 4 mile downwinder in 30 mph wind. It was our best downwinder ever! I caught one runner that allowed me to surf from the tail pad, on a large swell, going like a rocket. Another memorable runner came with no visible swell under me, yet I was planing and kept my board on a plane for what seemed like a full minute. It was classic Todd Bradley spinning the ball technique.

The more downwinders we do, the more our skills improve. Downwinders are all about skill. Without skill, you don't catch many runners and your rides are short. I can now understand how pros are on near continuous planing runs in this amount of wind.

We both think the 12 mile race on June 6th is too long a distance. 4 miles of racing is comfortable. 8 miles will kill most of us. 12 miles is not a race, it's a survival game. I want to have enough energy to catch runners and not be forced to limp along the last 4 miles, half dead. We may not enter the race.


Bob said...

That board is beautiful Dwight.

You're right about it being skill. The difference between what I was capable of doing and someone like Jeremy Riggs is astounding. I keep jokingly saying i think he's an alien but it really was that different. He pulled away from me like I was back paddling.

I'm surprised to hear you say that 12 miles is too long. I guess maybe all that training I did last year for the CCBC must have paid off. We weren't trying for speed but Bro Bill and I did back to back 8 mile runs in about the same conditions and I still had some left in me. How hard are you folks paddling? I actually find regular surfing more strenuous than downwinders.

Bob said...

Speaking of J. Riggs...I think I remember him posting on the zone that he might make it out for the Onslow. Have you heard any word. If he does make sure you watch....amazing.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I think downwinding for fun is very different than racing downwind. You burn out faster in a race.

I only do 4-5 mile runs because our island is only that long. I can't practice runs longer than this. 12 miles seems so long.