Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wow, I've Been Discovered

Jeff Henderson wrote about me on his blog. Jeff is the owner and designer of Hot Sails Maui. I'm a fan of Hot Sails going back to my prior life as a windsurfer. I owned one of Jeff's original sail designs from Hood Sails when he lived on the east coast. He took the knowledge he gained in sail design as a young man and followed his dream. He moved to Maui and created Hot Sails Maui. That was like 20-25 years ago? I like sticking with a sail designer with experience! I avoid sail brands that change designers like they change underwear.

That old original Hood sail was redesigned by me into a camber induced sail, right when the camber inducer was invented. I wrote an article about how to make your own camber inducer and modify the sail. The article was published in a magazine and they gave me a lifetime free subscription for it. The mag folded a few years later.

Here is Jeff's blog

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