Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Felt the Freak

We understand what the Super Freak is all about now.

We windsurfed the Basin in 20-25 NE wind this morning. That folks, is dead off shore wind and gusty as hell by coastal standards. We rigged the sails for heavy wind and slogged to the wind line. We prepared to get yanked around, and have another frustrating session, as we try to adapt to gear 10 years advanced over what we rode last. To our total shock, the Freaks made the wind butter smooth and soft as a kitty. Like going from C kites to bow kites. Well done Jeff Henderson. No wonder all the locals ride Super Freaks.

We also dialed in the boards perfect too. I never would have thought moving the mast foot 1 inch would make a huge difference. These new super short boards are far more trim sensitive than boards were 10 years ago.


CB1 said...

Alright, a great session!!! That is awesome. Scott, Alan, and myself love those SF sails! Lots of people don't have open minds about them, but their loss. The sails can really take North End beating as well. I don't worry much when I'm in the rinse cycle!

Merry Christmas!!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

It's amazing to me a soft sail can feel so stable! It really makes you question rigid foils.

I think kite design is going soft too. North is pulling battens and making the leading edge go soft.

Anonymous said...

Welcome fellow freaker!

Which way did you move the mast foot? I'm assuming an inch forward. Just curious. Still trying to dial in my new shorter shape. Looks like we missed it today. Did you make it out?

Merry X mas.


NC Paddle Surfer said...

I moved the foot forward.

We checked the basin. It look good for sailing most of the day. I just couldn't do it. I'm feeling too sick.

I got the H1N1 flu shot and got sick 4 days later. It feels like mild flu.

cammar said...

Superfreaks rock!