Thursday, December 10, 2009

Windy Wednesday

Epic for windsurfing on Wednesday. Photo from the 4WD only Fort Fisher Recreation Area

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CB1 said...

Wednesday was definitely a lot of fun! We've been long over due for some wind! Waves better than usual for Ft. Fisher. I think a little sand bar has developed by "the log".

The wind was good, but we went through 30 minutes periods of lighter winds (5.5 ish), then back to blasting winds. I stayed on my 4.5/85L combo for the day and sat out the lighter stuff (to lazy to rig a larger sail).

Good times! Every one was catching some nice waves, Scott was huckin' the forwards, Alan on the wave 360s. And I believe about everyone was punished at least once and took the "current train" down the beach! Crap, I think I almost washed back down to the main turnout at one point. The beach was so steep down there, little to no chance to waterstart on the inside! Long walk back!

Photo credit goes to Alan White! That shot of Lou nicely captured the conditions!