Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wool Lined Wetsuit

My wool lined wetsuit turned inside out below. This is one wild looking wetsuit.

Now for the story behind this suit. If you haven't been to the Surf House yet, let me warn you, it's the most expensive place you'll ever eat at. You'll understand that comment if you've been there with the wife. If you haven't, let me explain the genius behind the Surf House Cafe/Retail concept.

Every time you stop by for a bite to eat, the wife ends up browsing the retail section. $$$, she always finds some new item she wants. Genius huh!

Well yesterday my male will power against shopping failed me. This arctic blast we're having at the moment, combined with yesterdays huge swell, made me weak. I was feeling sorry for myself and my lack of desire to get wet in this bitter weather. With my will power barely in check, I decided to try this wool lined suit on. Just for grins and giggles to see what all the fuss is about. The plan is to not like it, because it isn't cheap! Then I could continue with my excuse for not going surfing in arctic weather.

Where the plan goes to shit. The suit felt like a cozy layer of my favorite snowboarding underwear. So warm, and so wonderful feeling. It slides on nice with the wool against your skin. It fit like a glove, probably better than any suit I've ever owned. The flexibility feels better than anything I've tried before. Maybe because it only uses thin neoprene due to the thick wool layer built in. Somehow it just felt so good I couldn't walk out without it.

If you're feeling the need to spoil yourself, you need to try this suit on!

The wool lining is thick and plush

Dual neck seals. Notice the inner and outer pieces you pull over your head.



CB1 said...

They broke you down! :) Those boys know how to sell! I saw the suit sitting on the rack the other week. They had it turned inside out for showing. Craig said it slips on like an old favorite pair of jeans or slacks, comfy. I knew better, and resisted even going near it! Did leave with a tech DVD detailing the suit though.

Dang, now you're going to push me to go out with you all through the winter. I'll start saving some x-mas $$. But hopefully my suit will take me through this period!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

He's right. The feel when you slip it on is seductive. Beware of trying one on.

Brian & Krista Autry said...

Ha, I thought that was the outside! Like a shaggy polar bear.

I had a $$$ lunch Friday. Check out my new surfboard.

Ps. We caught some fun waves in the inlet today by the red buoy. Way outside!

gdub said...

That's Pati for you. I climb a lot, and the they're expensive, but I swear by their gear. It sucks being limited on, not your own fears, but by shitty gear.