Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wide Tails

Photo from last weekends Miami Pro-Am windsurf race. Believe it or not, these are the latest designs for light wind racing.

Jacky and I did a SUP ocean downwind run today. The new boards are so much fun.


ralph said...

so do you sail formula too or just took in the FW event?

Dwight said...

I did not sail Formula. I'm trying to keep the windsurf quiver small and simple this time around.

Anonymous said...

hey aren't those like moped chicks? you know, fun to ride but you don't want to be seen on one.

Mr_Wolly said...

holy crap..i knw d 1st 2 fr left 2 rite..but wat d nxt board on d rite..fuh yeeaahhh mann..awesum formula boards in pix..