Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

We arrived at dawn to glassy fun surf, then later headed down to CB inlet to check the waves. To our total shock, the surf sets were chest high and breaking 1/4 mile offshore. It turned into the best session in 9 months, not counting big Friday. Unfortunately the camera batteries were dead by the time we relocated to CB inlet.

It was so sick at the inlet, one lone prone surfer had paddled about 1 mile out to the channel marker to catch some magic rides.

We drove back to the inlet for a PM session and found nothing. I checked the tide app on my iPhone. The water depth this afternoon is 4.9ft. The water depth when the inlet was going off was 0.3-1.2 ft. Note to self, always check the inlet first when the water depth is under 1.2 ft. The tide app is priceless.

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Brian A. said...

We surfed the inlet this morning at #17 and saw two sharks. I wouldn't paddle out prone a 1/4 mile. We better warn Z, he's always flapping around in the water the way that attracts sharks!