Friday, August 7, 2009

14 ft Naish Glide is Here

I stopped by Coastal Urge today to check out the 14 ft Glide. It is the hottest production race board on the market. He's why.......

I measured the rocker, so I can tell you how it stacks up against some others.

Naish 14': tail rocker ~ 2.5", nose rocker 8.75", 27.25" wide
Single concave only 1mm deep, going into slight vee of only 1mm.
Razor hard rails for 2/3 the length.

Surftech Bark 14': tail rocker 4", nose rocker 9.5", 29" wide
Rounded bottom full length, about 6mm high at center, giving a slight displacement bottom.
Soft rounded rails.

My Current Garage Built 14': tail rocker 2.87", nose rocker 8.75", 28" wide. Flat bottom, no concave.
Hard rails for 1/3 length, with a lot of tuck, and very soft beyond that.

My First Garage Built 14': tail rocker 1.75", nose rocker 8.75", 27.25" wide. Flat bottom, no concave.
Hard rails for 1/2 length, little tuck.

What does all this mean?

1) The Bark is the more user friendly ocean racer.
2) The Naish is the highest performance and the fastest shape. It will be more directionally stubborn too.

If you're hardcore, the Naish is a must have ocean racer!

If it wasn't for all the hard work and hours I've invested in learning to shape my own, I'd buy one for myself. Instead, I'll continue with my plan to build a new board this Fall using full carbon and vacuum bagging.


CB1 said...

Was that the AST version? How did the weight feel?

I see that Harold Iggy is still the Naish master behind the shapes!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

It was the high end construction. It was very light. I'd guess under 30 lbs.