Friday, August 21, 2009

Hurricane Bill HUGE at CB Inlet

Brian Autry

Brian Autry-look close and you'll see his scalp in the center of the photo

Gearing up for massive waves 3/4 mile off shore.

Brad so excited he ran all the way to the water!

These images were tiny specs cropped from huge photos taken with a long lens on a DSLR camera. It was impossible to get good images so far out to sea. Surfing near the channel markers.

Brian Autry


Brian Autry

Brian Autry

Brian Autry

Brad and Brian

We all had the session of the year today at CB inlet. Somehow Brad and Brian have a knack for being the best photos. Sorry about the rest of the crew not making the cut.

There may not be any surfing tomorrow. The town is closing the beach we use to access this surfing spot, for fear of everyones safety. Bummer! It is supposed to be twice as big tomorrow. Although I'm not sure anyones heart can stand much more. Our chests were pounding out there today.

One cool thing that happened tonight, was about a dozen prone surfers drove down to the inlet to watch us. They saw us surfing way out to sea, from their spot, the CB pier, about a mile down the beach.


Brad said...

DW, Thanks for capturing the memories out there this evening! See you in the morning,

curtis said...

Looks like Bill is kicking up some decent size waves, I hope you get to sample some sizable waves with you SV. It works well in big surf, once you get used to the speed

Good Luck and Stay safe


NC Paddle Surfer said...

4 of us were on sub vectors out there. They worked awesome.