Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Local Downwind Boards are Coming

Jacky stopped by Coastal Urge today and learned the local scene is about to explode with race boards. Jeoffrey at Coastal Urge just returned from the Outdoor Retailers show. Jeoffrey demoed all the hot new race boards.

In a very short time we'll have lots of 14 foot race boards on the water. All available for demo too!

The Naish 14 footer is the one I want to try. He has lots of hot new race fins too.

FINALLY, we'll have more locals into ocean downwinding. Prior to now, you pretty much had to build your own (like I did) if you wanted a board designed for ocean downwinding.

Kudos to Coastal Urge for being the leader in NC for SUP racing.

The September race sounds sick. He's keeping the entry fee low and providing another first class event that will up the standards again for running a race.

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