Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Race Boards Number 2 and 3

Jacky and my race boards are hot wired and ready for shaping tomorrow. These two boards are the REAL ones.

The first one I built was just for practice and testing. It will likely be sold for the cost of materials.

These FINAL boards will be clear lamination's, with all carbon bottom and rails, with color in the deck. Carbon will be inlaid under the paddle stance spot too.

Jacky's has a narrow tail, with overall width at 27 1/4". Mine is 27 3/4 wide with wider tail for extra stability. Thickness was reduced to 4 3/4 from 5" on the first one.

1 comment:

Bob said...

I might be interested in the 1st one DW. If I make it down for Chris's race in June and you still have it I'll have to check it out.

Be fun trying my hand at a build but given my limited space i'm not so sure I'll get to it.