Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 3 - Garage Built 14' Race SUP

Shaping is done. A big thanks go to my surfing bud Igor for lending me his F2 windsurfer. The shape is windsurf inspired, not surfboard.

What a mess it made of the garage!

The final shape, ready for spackle


mark said...

Wow, keep the photos coming. Very interesting. Is this your "recession" board?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Yeah, 2 race boards from Hawaii would cost me $5200 delivered to my door.

$1500 to make 2 in my garage.

Not sure I'm into down winding enough to spend $5200.

Anonymous said...

Looks great so far!

Is that the cost of just materials? Curious if that includes any extras you needed, like tools and respirator that would be a one time purchase.

I have some non-skid left over from my repair if you need any. A little goes a very long way with this stuff. I really like the result it gave on my Starboard.


NC Paddle Surfer said...

Tools are extra

Evan said...

Looks like you're making great progress on this. What's the target completion date? Are you adding in a rudder?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

No rudder. Too complicated for my first build.

I'd like to glass it this weekend. Hopefully it will get wet within 2 weeks.

srfnff said...


What weight eps are you using and what does the final shaped blank weigh before glass? Also, what tool did you use to shape the blank after cutting it out with the wire? Are you going to vacuum bag it and what are your thoughts on that vs. a standard hand lamination. It looks great! Nice work!!!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The blank probably weighs 8 lbs.

I'm not vacuum bagging because its too hard for my first build. Bagging is always better.

It was shaped with sanders, no planer required.