Thursday, March 19, 2009

Race Board Photos

It's almost done. After these photos were taken, I sanded it one more time. It will get repainted tomorrow evening for the final time, I hope!

The deck pads are NOT stuck down yet


Bob said...


She looks beautiful Dwight.

Where did you put the leash plug? Rand had his put forward of the pad and I liked it there. Kept it from dragging in the water, especially with a coiled leash.

Why the kick pad? Looks good but I think you might find it gets in the way.

curtis said...


what kind of paint are you using? and are putting a clear coat?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The leash plug is in the back. I found with my old Vortice, you still need a good working stretching leash to survive a beating coming ashore in a northeaster. Having the leash anywhere but the tail, and not having a stretchy one, will hurt you or the board. This ain't Hawaii. No channels here.

The paint is latex house paint sprayed on.

Bob said...

Good point...I've taken some beatings coming in in nor'easters. hadn't thought of what a leash up front would do then. I can't wait to get out in one with a board made for those conditions. I'd love to do a reverse of the CCBC...go Provincetown to Plymouth. You could do the 22 miles in 3 hours.

mark said...

Dwight looks nice. How much do you sell them for?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I'd have to charge $5000 each to make it worthwhile. Surfboard shapers aren't paid enough.

This is way too much work.