Sunday, March 29, 2009


All carbon bottom and rails on this one.

I did my first downwinder in HIGH wind this afternoon. The wind was SW 35-40 mph.
Now I get it. I was catching runners and surfing swell 1 mile offshore. I was falling constantly. It was super challenging, and definitely the next big thrill in stand up.

My board worked fine. I'm glad I didn't get that XP Vortice. I don't think I could handle the narrow width of that board in today's conditions. My next board, with 1/2" extra width in the middle, and a wider tail, should be ideal for today's conditions.

It took 20 minutes to go 2 miles. Normally that run takes one hour on my sub vector.


Anonymous said...

Hey DW,Good to see you got some of that downwind stuff today.I made a run by myself on Topsail today from the inlet to SC pier one of the best ones I've had smoking wind and solid 6 to 8 foot seas,a couple of my friends who kite joined me halfway on their downwind run, was nice to have some company,gotta love that SW wind.Boards are looking good! Chris

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Thanks Chris.

During my run I was thinking about how hard 14 miles is going to be during your race.

I hope its windy that day.

Bob said...

Happy to hear you had a good true downwind run...what a blast!

The new board looks sweet. I like that extra kick in the nose.

Anonymous said...

This site was cool, with info on your surfing and pics and videos, but now its all about you and your quest to build these boards? Get off the board building info so much and back to the fun you have on the water.