Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smoke on the Water!

We hit the water in the morning fully lit on a 12m kite. Soon the 12m was fully depowered and I was still on this HUGE Fly Door kiteboard. The board is more comfortable than my 140 Cabrinha. Unreal board. It's flimsy as a noodle. That is likely part of the magic that keeps it from feeling big when the wind goes off. It sure is nice to have a board that goes in light wind, yet doesn't send you racing back to the beach for something smaller when the wind kicks in.

At noon we went windsurfing. Lit out our minds all day. Cocoa Beach is a windsports paradise. Kite, windsurf, or SUP, it has it all and rivals Hatteras for fun. Air temp 85 today!
Worlds Biggest Kiteboard?  163 x 46

Jacky on her 4.7

Jacky......4.7 fully lit


CB1 said...

LOVE the colors on Jacky's 4.7 SuperFreak!!! Tell her don't turn her back when rigging or I may try and snag that sail! :)

When you mentioned the way the Fly Door rides, it made me think of the older 2nd gen Hana Crew boards that were "noodly" and you could feel the board flexing and bending over waves and chop!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Check out what the Hana Crew guys are up to today.