Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Morning at CB Pier. Extra Long Period Swell

Brad 8'0 PSH WR
CB1 returns from foot surgery! On his 9'0 Mana
Surf Machine 8'0 PSH WR
Jacky on her 7'3 Hokua
Surf Machine
Todd on his 8'6 PSH WR
The Flying Machine
Surf Machine
The only picture of me and I'm on the wrong wave. Look behind me!


curtis said...


Enjoyed all of your pics, especially the last one of you. Seems like everybody is riding the PSH WR, I bought a 9-4 WR too, I am to Fat to go smaller. I am resting this weekend due to the after effects of the Tsunami, we still had surges and big tidal changes yesterday, lot of movement in the water and it is dirty, I will wait until Monday morning to get in my session

take care

Brad said...

Thanks for the photos DW. Great session. Hopefully we can do it again in the am!


NC Paddle Surfer said...


Why didn't you go for the Hull Ripper?

Andrew said...

I drop in and read your blog often. I'm interested in the Naish Hokuas. A while back you described the 7'8 as like a Mana 9'0 for one of your lightweight mates. I surf similar beachbreak waves to you and weigh 155lb. If I was looking for a one surfing SUP board option should I go for the 7'8 or the smaller version
Andy (Edinburgh, Scotland)

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Andy, go for the 7'8. The 7'3 would be difficult on choppy days. The 7'8 would be more fun.

Hunter (shown on my blog in some photos) has the 7'3 and weighs ~145. He said its tough on choppy days.

SUPrman said...

I havent seen a Hull Ripper for my size yet, my friends who ride them are skinny and light. I am not ready to give up beer yet, I am not really looking too, I am still happy with my Sub Vector and 9-2AA. My cousin really wanted the 9-4 WR so i sold it to him. For my use, I need a strong tough board that I can use everyday, I like Popouts