Saturday, March 5, 2011

Almost Done

Filled and sanded. The difference between what you see here and what Starboard is doing with their carbon construction, is the thickness of the fill coat. In a production environment you need to apply the filler coat thicker, so the entire board can be finished by power sanding. Since my labor is free and weight is everything, my fill coat is extra thin and requires a lot of hand sanding in addition to some power sanding to avoid sanding through into the weave. Tricky, but worth the hassle to save every ounce of weight. Adding paint could be shooting myself in the foot compared to the way Starboard does it without paint. But it works for me.
Ready for paint


murybcm said...

This looks awesome! I was wondering if you could help me, a fellow North Carolinian :), choose my first SUP board. Please let me know if I can contact you here or email you. Thanks!

Keep up the good work on the blog and boards!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I list my email in the About Me section of the blog for anyone wanting to chat.

fishersfortblog at bellsouth dot net