Sunday, March 27, 2011

DW raceboard For Sale SOLD

14'6 x 27 DW raceboard For Sale. I built 3 boards this Winter with identical shapes, but different carbon layups. The first of the three built includes a windsurf sail fitting (removable) and was done using bomber thick full carbon top and bottom. This is the one for sale. Price is $950 firm. This construction would cost over $3000 from a famous shaper. My shape is optimized to excel at downwinding in close spaced ocean wind chop (SW summer wind).
This is the board for sale. The windsurf attachment unscrews if you don't want it.

The DW raceboard being windsurfed


mark said...

How much does it weigh? How high can the DW point in low and medium winds? What kind of fin and fin box does it come with? Anything else good to know about it's windsurfing habits? Thanks!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

It weighs 31 lbs.

I don't know how well it points. I stay upwind in the ocean and that's good. No daggerboard!

It has a Chinook 8" windsurf finbox. I use all G-10 windsurf fins. I have several you can pick from.

It takes some real estate to turn around. Jibing and tacking take some effort. 14'6 is a long board to spin.

It's slow compared to a real windsurfer flying across the water. It's probably much faster than a real windsurfer at sub planing speeds. It goes when you sheet it, but then it's length holds it back compared to an 8' windsurfer once planing.

I suspect it would be faster and more fun cruising a lake at sub planing speeds than real windsurfers.

mark said...

Did you sell it?