Friday, February 18, 2011

Did SUP just go the way of Windsurfing?

Remember when high performance windsurfing killed the sport....

Are we seeing this issue creep up on SUP surfing?

Take this morning for example. Summertime lame, wind blown surf. Not the sweet Winter surf we've been spoiled by lately.

Break out the longboard SUPs, or stick with the shortboard SUPs. We tried both this morning. Wow, after being spoiled by the 7'3 and 7'8 Hokua's, everything else bores us to death. We all quit after surfing maybe 1 hour at the most.

A reminder of the good old days on the 7'8 in this video.

Jacky this morning on 9'0 Mana



CB1 said...

Already jaded? How in the world are you going to make it through the summer? :)

NC Paddle Surfer said...

We're headed down a slippery slope!

I knew the 7'8 was HOT. But didn't fully grasp how much higher performance until I jumped back on the Mana!

Like going from slalom board to a one design. Yikes!

mike said...

Turn lemon conditions into Lemonaide

That's when you jump on the AHD Sealion

no affiliation but am going to get one for summer slop.

Andrew said...

that is what I am trying to understand: is there any condition when Mana 9' is better than Hookua?
I have 6 windsurfer boards from 75 liters to Formula, and there are always conditions that are better addressed with one particular board. I have 3 pair of skiis from carver to very fat powder skiis, and again I need all of them. With SUP surfing so far I was always satisfied with just one board (I dont do downwinders). After purchasing the next board the previous always became obsolete. it looks like this is valid for Hookua 7'8" vs. Mana 9', i.e. unlike windsurfing or skiing one board always (in all conditions!) beats others. is this correct?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

There are days when the 7'8 is too much work, just as there are days when your small windsurfer is too much work. But you still prefer to use your small windsurfer whenever possible. Same with the 7'8.

CB1 said...

@Andrew. I don't know how you choose between 6 windsurf boards! I can only handle 2 in my quiver and would like to get down to only 1! My thoughts on SUP, you have a long board style SUP for those lazy days (similar to the light wind windsurfing gear) and then you have your performance DW does with his 7'8. Just my 2 cents.

@Mike. The Sea Lion looks awesome. I'd love to try one. Bill B @ OBX is rockin' one. My problem is that I don't know how much it would overlap into SUP (wave wise). In the vido with the Hot Sails crew, they are slightly powered up. In super light wind conditions, I'd probably prefer my paddle on my SUP...but then again I haven't tried it yet. The better I SUP, the more I found I could paddle in a little bit of wind. I need to find that limit, where I put the paddle up and break out my 5.8/105L windsurfing wave gear.

FWIW, this is my fav Sea Lion vid =>