Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The 14'6 Carbon Twins

One came out of the bag at 20 lbs. The other at 22 lbs. The 22 lb board has a larger double carbon zone on the deck to handle my lard butt. Jacky gets the 20 pounder. The board will gain about 3 lbs with hot coat, finbox, and deck pad.

FYI, the variations in black color are caused by the peal ply.

If you wonder why 14'6 and not 14', it's for glide. My gliding increased when I added 6 inches. Also, when I swapped between my old 14'6 and a Glide 14, the loss of glide was noticeable. Since I only do downwinders, fitting into racing classes is not a concern.
Identical Shapes


mark said...

Have you tried longer? 17' seems like like the magic number here in SoCal (for me at least) for daily summer wind swells. Shorter and glide is reduced, longer and you begin to plow into the back of the swell in front of you. Longer still and your fin comes out of the water with "unpredictable" results. Your fetch may vary :)

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I have not tried a 17 footer.

We plow into the backs of waves on every glide.

I've thought about length a lot. More length and the board gets heavier. I hate heavy. It kills my acceleration.

I settled on 14'6 to avoid needing a rudder. A rudder would add more weight.

Sailor said...

hi i would like to know what is the rocker nose of this board