Saturday, February 12, 2011

Basin Magic Today

The Basin magic wind went-off this afternoon. All that strong NW wind went SW at 2:30. South of the Kure Pier, the ocean was lit up with whitecaps. I took the board shown below for a quick run. I'm thrilled with the boards performance and behavior. No changes needed for the next two under construction.

I went with my Werner Nitro surf paddle on the run. The previous run about 2 weeks ago, I used my Quickblade Elite (8.3"). The feature that makes the Nitro a great paddle for short SUPs, also makes it ideal for downwinding. The extra narrow width (7 3/8), combined with the tip scoop, make the downwind board accelerate like a top fuel dragster. Downwinding is nothing but a series of hole shots. Burst of acceleration, followed by lots of gliding. The QB Elite is FOR SALE as of now.

The board I used today. The heavy carbon DW/windsurfer board.

2 identical copies of the board used today. Fresh spackle applied. Ready for light carbon glassing next weekend.

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