Sunday, August 1, 2010

Horrible Conditions

Surf Machine on Jacky's new 8'4 Hokua

Surf Machine testing Jacky's 8'4 Hokua

Surf Machine

Surf Machine shows us how its done

Dwight testing CB1s new stick

Jacky lost in the slop on her new 8'4 Hokua

CB1 on his brand spankin new 9'2 PSH bamboo wide ripper


CB1 said...

La Maquina Del Surf was rockin' it out there today! He definitely has the balance of a "ninja monkey"!

DW, I bow down to ya for getting out there and being able to stand up on the 8'4 in those crappy conditions! Just crazy. I would have never thought we would be out there riding in that kind of stuff.

I thought the PSH 9'2 was crazy stable, even though I still kook out once in a while! (B-Dawg, thanks for getting it for me!!!). Can't wait to get in out in normal conditions.

Jacky, since the 8'4 is your main board now, you steppin' down to a 7'11 or so for those perfect glass days? :)

Anonymous said...

What were your thoughts on the PSH? I know the conditions stunk but I'm curious...Surf again today and the 8' WRipper is insane!!


PS - 2nd shipment of PSH's should be here by the weekend for the swell!!!

NC Paddle Surfer said...

What do I think!

Long live PSH.....

and Naish

I'd take the 9'2 WR over the sub vector any day. Sweet board.