Sunday, August 15, 2010

NC's Best Downwind Course?

I think this downwind course might be the best in NC. The Fort Fisher Basin (Zekes Island on the map) has been famous with windsurfers from all over NC and SC for the past 25 years for its high winds. The most consistant, and strongest SW winds in the state, not counting Cape Hatteras. Just this past Thursday it was ripping 30 knots down this course. While the ocean was less, and is always less. This course gets some kind of wind amplification. Years ago we had NOAA come speak to our windsurfing club and try to explain this phenomenon. They attributed it to a surface low that develops everyday just inland of Southport. We thought it might be some river venturi. Whatever it is, we should have done some downwind runs on the course a long time ago. It will have to wait until next Spring now, as we just sold our downwind boards and put a close to this season of runs.

For those not from NC, this is the mouth of the Cape Fear River and the point is Cape Fear. The yellow pin marks our home.

We should be able to make lots of runs next Spring in winds easily exceeding 30 knots with several 40 knot runs. The best part about this run, is there is a ferry running the same route. You can walk onto the ferry with your board and surf home. No car shuttle required.


Jeremy said...

Sounds like the perfect set up. I'll be looking forward to some pics or video!

Mike said...

Hey DW,
When you ride the ferry over, where are you putting in on the Southport side? Can you launch from the ferry landing or do you have to walk a bit to a break in the trees?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

You have to walk a bit. That is the only downside.