Friday, July 30, 2010

Bamboo Demo Party All Weekend

Lots of new toys landed in town today. Coastal Urge has the 8'4 bamboo Hokua and Surf House has the PSH bamboo Rippers in stock. All these bamboo boards are light and ready to blow minds. We could use some bigger surf, but we'll be out at sunrise anyway. The North End of the CB is the place to be. See you there.
Naish 8'4 Hokua Limited Edition

PSH 8'0 Ripper
PSH 9'2 Ripper

Dwight on the 8'4 Hokua


CB1 said...

Rip it up!! Can't wait to hear your take on it!

Anonymous said...

Party Pooper. Where were you?


Anonymous said...

Missed you all this morning! The 8' wide Ripper is amazing. Very stable, paddles great and even floated NCBA's big butt! Waves were thigh to occ waist and choppy with clean faces. Can't wait to get back on her! CB1 you are gonna be stoked!!!!