Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hunter Takes the Prize

The first 4 photos feature Hunter on one wave. A big deal for us surfing beach break crap. It was a 15 shot sequence 3 bottom turns and 3 lip hits. Hunter scored the most quality photos this morning. Some days it's Surf Machine, others it's Brad, but today it seemed like all the good stuff was Hunter. Do we have a new rock star at the North End?
1st Bottom Turn
Lip Smack

2nd Bottom Turn

3rd Bottom Turn


Hunter 8'4 Hokua


Jacky 8'4 Hokua


Brad 8'0 PSH WR

Sunday Morning Crew


CB1 said...

Hunter got wave of the day! I was wondering why Z was crying. Nice ride!

Anonymous said...

Those shots are from earlier, like 9am. Z was still getting his beauty sleep and didn't arive till much later.

PS. Be nice to him. We may need a boat ride to Masonboro Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me. The Machine.