Tuesday, January 26, 2010

YELLOW, our new favorite color

Our new Naish boards arrived today.

We took advantage of the manufacturer demos offered during the Cold Stroke by Coastal Urge. That turned out to be an expensive decision, because I fell in love with 2 boards. The 8'10 and 9'5 Naish.

The 8'10 is the real deal. A SUP that looks like a real shortboard, and comes pretty darn close to the feel of one. Jacky on the 8'10

Then came the 9'5, a longboard that actually rips. Not just a lazy log on the water. To cap it off, it's the most stable board I've ever SUPed on. Igor also had a blast on it. If ever there was a board you could pass around to your buddies and say try it, this is the one. You're an instant SUP surfer with this board. No balance required.

In one day I went from a guy who thought one all around board (the Sub Vector) was all I needed, to a guy who had to have the most radical shortboard SUP, and easiest longboard SUP, I've ever had under my feet.

The value of the Naish package helped with the painful decision to sell off our Sub Vectors and make the switch. Each Naish comes with a FREE "padded" board bag and sweet wood core fins.


curtis said...

Congrats on your new boards!
I dont know how you guys can do it, I can barely stand being on dry land in the 40's and you guys are in the water, Brrrrrrrrrrrr
We complain and some of my buddies have to put on there wet suits when the temp drops to 70 in the Hawaiian winter. Do those suits keep you dry even if you fall in the water>

Anonymous said...

Is there goin to be a Naish demo this weekend at the northend?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Curtis, we hate being cold and wet too. At our age, we'll spend whatever it takes to be comfortable. Thus the $800 all gore-tex drysuits and $500 wool lined Patagonia wetsuit. We can't let the cold kill our joy.

NCBA, yep Naish demo if you want it. You might even see Z on his new custom C4.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Oh, the drysuits are really dry, unless you duck dive. Then they burp some air and you get a trickle of water.

Anonymous said...

Boards look great.

Going back to the thruster set up?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I'll stay thruster until I know the boards better.

Then if I decide I want to quad, I've got the skills to make that happen and match the paint!