Thursday, January 7, 2010

PSH Boards Coming to Town?

(Jan 7, Encinitas Ca) Boardworks announced that Blane Chambers of Paddle Surf Hawaii has signed on to be the latest addition to the newly formed SUP division.

The puzzling part of this new development is what will happen to the price of PSH boards? They can’t continue to sell at bargain basement prices. They’ll have to fall more in-line with others. It’s hard on the consumer when they retail for $1250 one season, then $1550 the next, then down to $950. Now what will the price be? This should be better in the long run. Stability of pricing equals better resale value. Wider brand accessibility for all.


CB1 said...

That is very interesting! Mainland prices were $1050 (including pad & fin) for boards under 10' and $1099 for boards 10' - 11'. Wonder how they will explain a price increase if there is one? Took a quick glance at the PSH website and could no longer find any pricing info.

CB1 said...

PS. IMHO, I hope Boardworks doesn't price them out of this world. Blane (and his company) seem to care more about performance, customer stoke & satisfaction than pure profit. I like his down-to-earth, easy going, tell-it-like-it-is style!

Anyway, hope this works as it seems so many around the world want his shapes!