Thursday, January 28, 2010

NEW Sub Vector $500 BELOW Retail

My new 9'2 custom EPS Epoxy Sub Vector is now sitting on the rack at Surf House in Carolina Beach priced at $500 below retail.

Hurry if you want to take advantage of my momentary bout of insanity.

You can also pick your deck pad color

BTW, the wait for these is 4 months


Anonymous said...

I saw your SubV today. Let me put it nicely. ARE YOU SICK IN THE HEAD? That board is the bomb. Z may very well get all "The Wave of the Days". I would need to get FAA clearance to ride it.

Anyways, I'll be on the beach Sunday. Can't wait to check out your Naish. Fun stuff.


Dwight said...

Yeah, I might be crazy. Its not that one board is better than another, it's just one feels different and sometimes your mood changes. You know how many shortboards are collecting dust in my garage? There were 5 last summer. I cut back to 3 collecting dust now. You need a board for every mood!

CB1 said...

I'm digging those copper colored rails! You sure you made the right choice in giving up that board? :)

Guess Z will always be on the wave of the day!

NCBA, you should test drive Z's new ride before he picks it up! I think he is staying in CH this weekend to play in the snow!