Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interesting News this Week

This week I met with some old friends from Pakistan. I worked on a job there with them in 2006. I learned my friends were hit by a bomb in their offices and survived, but were thrown across the room. This happened just a few months ago. Everyday life is tough for them. They protected us like secret agents. Now I understand their protective measures were no joke. These photos show my daily routine and the measures they took to protect us.

Every morning they picked us up at the hotel in 3 identical white cars. We drove across town to a location where we hid behind a concrete wall. Behind the wall 3 identical buses arrived and we switched from the cars to a bus. The other buses were loaded with local Pakistani workers. We mixed in with locals. These buses had the windows covered with curtains to hide us. The buses took us to the work site. Coming home in the evening we did the reverse. Musical buses to cars! By the way, I enjoyed working there. Nice warm people.

Hiding on the bus behind curtains

Checking our bus for bombs


Checking for bombs

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