Monday, November 16, 2009

A Real Race Fin

This is my new race fin. Custom made by Maui CNC. Maui CNC is the company making fins for the world tour pros (windsurfer) under various brand names, including Tectonics, MFC, Maui Ultra. These are the best built fins you can get. They specialize in fast turnaround of custom CNC G-10 fins made in Maui. I heard Ken Winner once ordered 2 or 3 grand in custom fins for race board development a year or so back.

These are so much better than the junk surf fins made from 3/8 fiberglass slabs that some guy with a grinder rounds the leading edge and tapers the back. Leaving the middle un-foiled and dead flat with no regard to anything resembling a proper foil.

Will it make me faster?  Probably not, but at least I'll know my fin isn't slowing me down.

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