Friday, October 9, 2009

Not anti-flat water

It appears I upset some because I don't like flat water SUPing. I live on the ocean, so the ocean is what I like to do. If I had a home on the waterway, I'd probably build a flat water board.

I'm not into competition racing, so that style board would not be worthwhile for me. I was never an athlete. I've always been the tall skinny dork. I'll leave competition to the athletes.

Now its time to get back to building my board.


Anonymous said...

what r the comments a result of?

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fellow carolina paddler and a few of his friends do not approve of the board nc paddle surfer is building, nor did nc go through the appropriate authority to get his post approved on his own blog. guess the carolinas has a few guys who consider themselves the sup/blog police. glad i do not race in the carolinas with this type of rubbish. childish.


Brian A. said...

I was asking about the flat water board because it seems like so many production models have more volume and rocker than is needed. It seems like custom boards are the way to go. Are there any benefits to concave decks on race boards? And how bout cuting a short performance board out of that foam?


Anonymous said...

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