Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finbox Installation for Mark

The yellow foam block sitting on the deck is what I embedded in the EPS blank at the finbox location. This particular piece is for the second board I'll be building. This yellow foam is rock hard PVC foam, a.k.a Divinycell.

Tonight I routed the hole in the deck for the finbox. You can see the hole in this photo.

Next I level the board and set the finbox in the hole using epoxy and cab-o-sil.

A junk fin and tape holds the box true. It's really just that simple. This is how windsurf boxes are set, not surfboards. This box installation is much stronger than a surfboard installation. For one, it's a windsurf box, not a surfboard box. Windsurf boxes by Chinook use fiberglass filled Dupont Zytel. It's so dam tough, it's near impossible to sand flush after setting. A surfboard box is cheap plastic, usually a 2 piece box and doesn't have the high glass fill.

I don't have to glass over the box because the PVC foam is so hard, and the box so tough.

Autry, no flat water race boards are in the cards. Why build a board for use on 4 days a year. The 4 Coastal Urge races. I'd never paddle flat water, if it wasn't for those 4 races.

This board is built for one thing, planing, and planing only happens with wind or waves at your back in the ocean. Super fun.


CB1 said...

NCBA here is DW's post with the materials.

Anonymous said...

OT - any word on the west beach bald head sensor?

Board looks great.

mark said...

Thanks Dwight, I can't wait to see it. Mark

Distressed Mullet said...

You're missing out. There are only four flatwater races a year if you only drive the 25 minutes between CB and WB. If you support the paddlers outside the bubble, you can go to probably 25 next year. Also, being a downwinder guy, why aren't you doing downwinders? And why didn't you do the Onslow Beach challenge? I can appreciate your initiative in making your own boards, and your love of the sport, but it's more than that. There are many waterman elements in this whole "SUP thing" that you seem to be ignoring. The pillars. There is surf, downwind, and flatwater. I suppose there's river, too, but for our purposes, let's just work on counting to three. Everyone doesn't have to be a decathlete, but to demean one area to elevate another, especially when you aren't fostering downwinding, doesn't make sense. And if you talk bad about my Ron House board, one quip about standing in a canoe, I'll cup check you. Seriously, offend me all you like, but don't talk bad about my horse. You don't have to own a Hobie. You don't have to own a Naish. God you railed that poor guy and all he did was work his ass off for like 30 years. Damn.

Honestly, I think you're missing the whole point about what we're all doing when we paddle—no matter where it is. I'm serious. Open your mind a crack and let the smell out. Let your melon breathe. And next time there's a downwinder race, don't whine about it as you mull over the radar, show up.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Let's not forget what a blog is. It is about Dwight and jackys life and thoughts. You younger guys can do your thing and we will continue to do what is fun for us. FYI. We traveled the US competing in windsurfing when we were your age. Been there done that. Burned out on that. Won't go out of my way for it today. Just into playing near the house. Posted about construction because I get so many questioned asked about it. Got the impression only windsurfer understood what is and should be inside pop outs. The web is wonderfull in that we can hold accountable anyone who misleads the consumer.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Not sure how telling people what we like demeans anyone. Again this blog is about me and Jacky and what we like. I never said our way is what anyone else should do or think.

Distressed Mullet said...

I understand. And I can appreciate your perspective. That's why I come see what you're up to. But it's coming across like you're knocking the other disciplines, the other races, the other boards and sometimes events. Perhaps it's tone, who knows. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad you do what you do and I'm super happy we can have these discussions. Just know it's coming across differently than you intend it. And those companies who we're exposing are actually shapers who've put in YEARS. Now I'm not happy that Naish didn't let anyone know about their SUP series, but the guy's put his hours in and his cornflakes need some piss-protection. Hey, good luck with your board. You and I can just be bizarros.

Distressed Mullet said...

sorry dwight. Didn't mean to call you out like this. I love that you have your blog. You're like my bizarro. I did get my scales ruffled because of your comments and perspective, but hell, that's why we have blogs. Life would be boring otherwise. Let's just end this here and move on. Water until the board. Enjoy your downwinders and again, my apologies for flaming this whole thing up. I'll try not to be so sensitive.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I believe you read a lot more into Dwight's comment than he meant. Dwight said that he would not build a flat water board for the 4 Coastal Urge races a year, because that's the only time we race in flat water at this point in time. He built the downwind race boards for just that; Down Wind Runs. We would love to travel and do some Down wind races. The key word is Down Wind. Not 3miles down and 3 miles upwind, or 12 miles in slight on- shore winds. For some, that would be fun, or a challenge. For us, that just sounds like too much work! We both enjoy the camaraderie of races, but we are just a little more selective on which ones we attend.