Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paddle Technique Video

Sorry, but this is all the video I had from the Paddle Clinic.

I made it loop so you could get a longer look at Todd's technique. Notice the upright posture, knees bent, no ditch digging technique. Also note the slight blade twist at the end of the paddle stroke to improve efficiency. The paddle jumps out of the water when moving fast. Foot stance at shoulder width, not wide. Wider is less stable. He's spinning the ball. You'd have to take his class to know what spinning the ball means.


gjb said...

DW, Thats exactly whatI witnessed at the demo in Fla. Shorter upright strokes, Slight bend at the knees, paddle twist at the end of the stroke, = pressure applied on the top hand pushing down and bottom hand guiding the paddle along the the rail. Getting the board to plane and glide instead of plowing. Thanks for video I've been precticing too and with my proper length paddles I too will improve.. Now all we need is surf.. Looks like small wind chop in a day but a great test fot the SV.. Thanks for all your insite.. Glen

Bob said...

I knew I saw this on youtube. i found it in this vid of the Vortice

The twist and punch makes a lot of sense especially for racing.

jc said...

DW, Thanks for posting the video.
I'd like to know if you agree with Todd (or C4) who recommend paddles 7" over - ?
Just wondered what your using - ?
Does this technique work best with a shorter paddle or equally well with a longer paddle - ?
I'm using 10" over at the moment but just about to order a new one, so I'm interested to know more.

NC Paddle Surfer said...


I asked Todd what length he recommended for racing on a Vortice on Evan's blog. He replied 8" over, so that's what I cut my race paddle.

My surf paddle is 6" over. I think C4 recommends 6" for surf.