Friday, February 6, 2009

Corrected Paddle Technique

Do you look like a ditch digger with a pick axe when you paddle?

I'll bet you do. I know I did. Well thanks to Todd Bradley, and the SUPAH Clinic I attended in Oahu last week, I know how to paddle properly and efficiently.

If you think any of this is wrong, just try it before you reject it. Or better yet, just try to match Todd Bradley on a down wind run. Even Dave Parameter admitted he can't keep up with Todd. His technique is so refined and efficient, he smokes people.

To further improve on the technique shown here, make sure you twist the paddle blade as it exits the water at the end of the stroke. This will actually make your paddle JUMP out of the water, increasing your efficiency even further.

I was waiting for C4 to publish the video they shot of the clinic, but today I learned from Tommy Stokes that it will be awhile longer before this happens. I hated to hear that, so I'm posting the lessons learned now for all to absorb.

Now go paddle faster than ever before, with less strain and effort. You won't need to keep downsizing your paddle blades.

Oh, and stop bending at the waist. Bend at the knees and throw jabs like Muhammad Ali. That's what the top hand paddle stroke should be like.


Mac said...

DW, Thanks for sharing this.

ef said...

Thanks, DW, for this. Any chance you might cobble together a demonstration video of your own?

gjb said...

Dwight, Thanks for the fin tip. We changed the order and got the large fins and sides. I too was amazed at Todd's Paddle Demo.(Fla) I was also paddling with too much effort and i tought I was very simple effortless. Then I applied Todd's tips , WOW . The blade exit and paddle twist rotating the shaft in a clean vertical posture made the difference for me, Plus shortening the overall paddle length.. Thanks Glen

Evan said...

We should ask Todd to do a short video to show this because it definitely helps a lot.

Bob said...

I need to try this tomorrow. I've seen Todd demonstrate this somewhere in a vid but I didn't really pay much attention and never tried it. Given your enthusiasm i will now.

Carles Carrera said...

Good tip, but the formula in the WRONG TECHNIQUE is wrong