Thursday, February 5, 2009

Forget About 3 Piece Travel Paddles

Why suffer with a HEAVY 3 piece travel paddle? I'm talking about that just announced 3 piece paddle by you know who.

Full size paddles fly free on any airline when the bag is declared as fishing gear. SUP surfers get no respect, but fisherman get special perks with the airline.

I used this bag to bring home a paddle from Hawaii.

Of course the Bass Pro Shops patch helped sell the con.

Fight back, don't let the airlines discriminate against surfers. Play their game to your advantage.

PS, we don't need super narrow paddle blades. Blades have gone too small, which I only became aware of when my paddling technique was corrected at the SUPAH clinic by Todd Bradley. I'm sure 80% of us out there, also have the same problem. I'm waiting for the clinic video to go live before talking about it more. If anyone wants more info on the correct paddling technique, just send me a private e-mail for now.


csx355 said...

Hi Dwight - who does the 3pc jobby?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Werner issued a press release yesterday announcing their 3 piece Nitro travel paddle.

Their 2 piece is already too heavy, imagine a 3 piece.

It sure is nice to travel with your own light one piece paddle.

csx355 said...

True - but I have just surfed 16 days on the trot sometimes 2 and three times a day with an ULI alloy paddle that has a blade that is fractionally smaller than Texas and weighs 3kg. Without giving too much away it started the holiday as a 3pc and ended up on the last day as a 4pc - Keep in mind it is over twelve months old and has been around the world twice I can't complain. The Nitro is probebly half the weight. Could you send me some details I couldn't see it on the site?

csx355 said...

Found it - sorry - Doh!

Anonymous said...

csx355... I am searching for a new 3 piece paddle too.
I did find "some" info about the new Werner Paddle and posted on the Uli Forum ...and sent a note to Jim too...just in case.
It may be the same info you already have found...still...anyway !


NC Paddle Surfer said...

The bag deception game is old news to kitesurfers. We've been doing this for years. We put GOLF on our bags. Golf gear flies free.