Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 1 - Garage Built 14' Race SUP

The 14 ft block of foam arrives fully boxed. I was surprised it came boxed.

Template is added to the blank for hotwire cutting

Test cut with the hotwire cutter

Blank is cut

The foam was ordered from

When it arrived, the label said it was drop shipped from in High Point NC.

I could probably order direct from Carpenter next time and cut out the middle man.


Anonymous said...

Man that is cool .

CB1 said...

Are you going to build Jacky's board at the same time or are you going to do one at a time? Looks like you may be able to squeeze 2 more boards our of that blank? 1 - proto and 2 final designs?

NC Paddle Surfer said...

The first board, will be the thinner, more narrow board. It will be completed and tested before board number 2 is started. Then board number 2 will be larger or smaller depending on how the test goes. The test will determine who gets board number 1.

There is enough foam for 3 race boards and 2 shortboards.

Mac said...

impressive....I'm looking forward to watching how it progresses. My dad used to be in the foam business...he would be really interested in this.

smplcv said...

Looks awesome! thanks for sharing this with me

Carpenter CV