Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vortice and Holoholo

Jacky and Brad testing the new race boards. At Jacky's weight, the Holoholo looks and rides in the water about like the Vortice does for me. The Holoholo is a mini Vortice for light weights. When I paddle the Holoholo, the nose is barely above water and does sometimes dip when the wind and swell push me.

I just heard from Evan last night. Seems the Blair 12'6 race board is FAST. Dead flat rocker on it. Just like an early planing windsurfer. It looks like the windsurf shapers are making some fast race boards. Foote, Naish, Blair.

I think the Vortice is still the right shape for what I want out of a race board. Northeaster swell and wind chasing. Extreme and sketchy without the right board. The Vortice, with its special nose shape, looks right for the task. Might get to find out in a couple of days if the forecast holds true.

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